My name is Paul Smith.  I’m the owner of Daystar Handyman. I grew up in the Dallas, Texas area, building things and was raised in a home by real estate brokers, who were also rental property owners.  With that came an inherent need for residential repairs, updates, and remodeling.  I had changed at least twenty water heaters by my senior year of high school and countless other repairs, branching into all construction specialties.  Because of this I understand why this can be a real challenge to lifestyle and the need for timeliness concerning projects.

I then spent my college years running my own roofing business in the Dallas area.  I roofed hundreds of houses and commercial buildings and then moved on after graduation.  From there I spent 15 years designing and building in-ground concrete swimming pools.  Overall project management was mastered where I completed projects from $30k to $200k.  Most of my pools were built in conjunction with new home construction.  I also completed many home remodel projects during this time.

At Daystar Handyman, we’re fully insured and licensed, so you can rest assured that your house is in good hands.  Also, we are with you every step of the job.  We go to your house, see the layout and what you want or need to have accomplished.  And depending on type of bid it is, we go over your desires, longterm goals, and budget.  Then we work on the next phase.

Our utmost hope is that you are completely satisfied and share your results and views with others and on Google.

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