Summer is the time when many families travel.  The kids are out of school.  So the family might go to the beach or to a world renowned resort.  But whatever the case may be, your home is where you go to feel safe.  It’s your shelter from the storm.  However, it can also be your own private getaway.  This short guide will show you how to make a backyard paradise.

Maintain Your Backyard’s Space

wood, wire, and telephone pole fence

You could love your neighbors, and that’s great.  But let’s face it, we all want some space, without our neighbor’s prying at us at times.  Most people accomplish this with a privacy fence.  Although, there are different kinds of fences available:  wood, wrought iron, wooden and wire, chain link, and lattice, just to name a few.  So, if you already have a wood fence, check it out for loose boards.  Because, once again, weather can damage our properties, including fences.  And make repairs as needed.

If you don’t have a fence, or are in the market to bring it up to date, opt for a material that complements the exterior of your home.  Because you don’t want your house and backyard to clash.  This site has a comprehensive list, including pictures, of different fences.

Build a New, Ideal Patio, or Update Your Current One

how to make a backyard paradise patio furniture, pergola, plants, and wood deck

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One of the ways you can make your backyard a paradise is by having a beautiful outdoor patio.  A patio and deck is essentially an addition to your home.  If you already have a patio or deck, then begin by examining it.  Weather can compromise patio and decking materials.  Check for missing or loose pieces on a wooden deck or patio.  And once you replace slats, sand, stain, and seal the new wood after determining it’s solid and stable.

If, on the other hand, you have a stone or concrete patio or deck, you’ll also want to check for missing pieces.  But, depending on the size of the missing pieces, if you have any, will dictate how you repair them.  If the missing spots are small, you can fill them in with concrete.  However, if you have a stone deck, and the broken fragments are big, you’ll want to replace them with more stone in order for the materials to match.

Assuming you don’t have a patio or deck, or you want to upgrade your existing one, there are different options available.  Stone and concrete are more durable than wood.  And they also can be more beautiful, depending on the styles.  However, stamped concrete and stone tends be more costly than wood patios and decks.

Set up Shaded Areas

patio furniture shaded by a fruit tree

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Having a backyard paradise isn’t just for evenings.  But during the day, summers can get oppressively hot.  So, you’ll want to supply some shady spots in order to cool off.

You can manage this with a patio umbrella or an awning.  Or you can install a cabana, build a Tiki umbrella, or a Pergola.  Or, if you have trees in abundance in your backyard, you could harness the shade they already provide.

And to enhance the effects of whatever solution you decide on, add patio misters.  They don’t overwhelm with the amount of water they provide.  However, for summers that see triple digits or are very humid, misters are absolutely necessary for your backyard paradise.

Provide Outdoor Furniture or Revamp Your Existing Set

comfortable patio furniture under awning overlooking green yard

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If you already have outdoor furniture, inspect the condition of it.  How many summers has it seen?  It might be time to be replaced.  Though, if you don’t have any, or if it’s time for a change, pick the basics like a table and chairs to share meals and possibly a lounge chair or a hammock, and some extra seating for guests.  And choose weatherproof furniture that’s appealing and long-lasting.

Add new cushions to your outdoor chairs.  Pick bright, fun, and colorful throw pillows for the lounge chair or hammock and extra seating.  These will draw you and your guests in, inviting people to sit down and stay.

Add Outdoor Lights

patio furniture, hanging art, carport, and string lights

Furnishing the exterior with the perfect lighting will transform your backyard into an enchanting place.  Relative to where the lights are and the type you pick, you’ll feel like you’re stepping into a dream.  Or a fantasy.  And it’s right in your backyard.

From LED or solar powered candles, string lights, directional lighting for trees, security lights, inconspicuous step lights for safety, and waterproof rope lights, the options for outdoor illumination are nearly endless.

Keep a Manicured Lawn and Garden

garden flowers

Your backyard paradise wouldn’t be complete without investing in landscaping.  Whether you do it yourself or hire someone to maintain your lawn, lush green grass is crucial to developing an outdoor haven of your own.

But don’t stop there.  Add lush greenery in potted plants around your patio and deck.  Supply seasonal flowers and plants.  And maybe build a raised flower bed.

Be Accommodating for Cool Summer Evenings

how to make a backyard paradise with an outdoor fire pit

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A fire pit or outdoor fireplace is another great idea for open air lighting.  However, when summer nights cool off, they’re more than just another pretty light.  They’re functional art in more than one way.  They provide both illumination and warmth.  And they’re beautiful.

You can choose either a fire pit, a fireplace, or something in between.  And fuel includes traditional wood, propane, natural gas, bio-ethanol, and even electric.  Something to consider when picking out what kind of fire pit to go with (incl. fuel) is that you can also grill your food on it.

Both fire pits and fireplaces can be either built-in, and therefore stationary, or portable.  And each option has their unique pros and cons.

Consider Having a Pool Installed

how to make a backyard paradise with an outdoor concrete in-ground swimming pool with concrete deck

There are mainly 4 types of pools currently:  Fiberglass, concrete or gunite pools, vinyl, and above-ground pools.  Each of these choices is intended for family fun and a place to stay comfortable all summer long.  Though, not all have the exact same benefits.

The costs vary on these options.  And while in-ground pools can add value to your home, it’s questionable whether above-ground pools do.

Also, having a pool can alleviate stress and help with injuries.  And with water features, landscaping, and outdoor lighting done right, you’ll have succeeded on how to make a backyard paradise.

Daystar Handyman can assist you with making your backyard a paradise.  Whether it’s just inspecting your fence and patio, hanging up lights, or designing your dream pool and deck, we’re here to help.  Just give us a call.