Fish come in different shapes, sizes, and colors.  And they often mesmerize us, reminding us of the ocean.  Or rivers and lakes, depending on the fish.  When you were younger you might have even had an aquarium.  But it was likely indoors.  So this is about outdoor fish tanks or ponds and the resulting advantages of having one in your backyard.  Also, I will use the words ‘ponds, aquariums, and fish tanks’ interchangeably.

Value of Outdoor Fish Tanks


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There’s something about bodies of water that attracts mankind.  In 2014 ~ 80% of the earth’s population was living within 60 miles of either an ocean, lake, or river.  And countless people rely upon the seas and rivers for their livelihood.  Although, for a lot of other folks who don’t, they just enjoy the water.  Period.  Perhaps it’s because our planet is made up of more than 70% water.  Likewise, the adult human body is composed of ~ 60% of it.  While 73% of aqua resides in the heart and brain, the lungs contain 83%.

Also, we’re all aware that H2O is life-giving.  So, subconsciously, this may be another reason we are drawn to oceans and thus, on a smaller scale, aquariums.  However there are still more pros to outdoor fish tanks.

Health Benefits of Outdoor Fish Tanks

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  • Reduces blood pressure and heart rates along with improving moods

The purpose of a particular study in the U.K. was to figure out if aquarium water alone was beneficial, before marine life was even added.  And they found that B.P. and heart rates decreased.  Though when the tanks were fully stocked, blood pressure and heart rates dropped further as enjoyment increased.

  • Soothe patients with Alzheimer’s

A study by Purdue University in 1999 discovered that fish tanks in nursing homes could reduce aggressive behavior and possibly improve eating habits and memory in patients suffering from the illness.

Furthermore, the Alzheimer’s patients exposed to the fish tanks were more conscious, calm, and tended to eat more food than before the aquariums were added.

  • Help diabetic teens
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Another study, from UT Southwestern Medical Center, found that pet care can assist in the treatment of childhood Type 1 diabetes.  The researchers gave each participant a fish and a fish bowl, with specific instructions.  And after 3 months of caring for their fish, A1C levels had dropped.

  • Could increase pain thresholds

A study involved healthy adults to determine if watching fish in a fish tank could increase pain thresholds.  The Subjects were seated in front of an aquarium holding an electrical stimulation device in their fingers.  And said device would increase in intensity until the Subjects indicated that they could feel the stimulus.  The conclusion was that the Subjects’ pain thresholds were considerably elevated compared to baseline readings.  Additionally, they remained so 10-minutes afterwards.

  • Reduces stress and anxiety

The latest information out regarding how aquariums can decrease apprehension and distress is diverse.  But the people who benefited the most were ones who were exposed and interacted with fish the longest.  So short term, casual visits to an aquarium aren’t regarded equally with having your own.  Which means, to get the effects of stress reduction, it’s best to have your own fish tank.  Or go to an aquarium on a regular basis.

Other Benefits

Having a pond in your backyard is definitely idyllic.  And by having an aquarium outside, you can place a cabana on top of it, to protect the fish.  Then add string lights to the cabana for festive evenings.  Additionally, installing submersible lights to the tank will allow you to see more than just the surface of the water.  But don’t forget to add a bench or a couple of chairs.  It really makes for a perfect spot to sit and relax.

Also, you’re not limited by shape or size with an outdoor fish tank.  You can have a small container pond that fits on your patio.  Or something more impressive like a large in-ground pond with water features.  And anything in-between.

Moreover, backyard fish tanks are available in-ground, above ground, and partly in-ground.  Furthermore, you can create formal, casual, or completely natural ponds, with each distinctly beautiful.

  • Educational
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With an outdoor pond, you will attract wildlife, which not only fills us with more wonder.  But also is an opportunity to learn about the animal life around us.

And if you have kids, they can learn to take care of another creature (the fish) and help you clean the the fish tank.  Thus, getting valuable lessons in responsibility.

I already mentioned the wildlife that would be drawn to the outdoor fish tank.  But there’s more:  Less mowing, more water conservation, and less fertilizer use on your lawn and garden.

And according to Feng Shui, having an aquarium brings money and career luck, which can provide wealth and fruitfulness to your life.

So now that I’ve laid out all of the positive reasons to have an outdoor fish tank, if you’re interested in having one built, please don’t hesitate to call Daystar Handyman.  Or email us.

Or if you decide you just want help designing a pond, we can assist with that too.