In southern states August is the time kiddos go back to school, while parents pick up last minute school supplies.  Indeed a lot of kids have already started back amid Covid and almost a year and a half out of the physical classroom.  And if you have teenagers (or older) in higher education, you’re probably getting them ready to go to (or back) to college.  But this period of time isn’t just about school or running around like chickens with our heads cut off.  The end of summer is also a great opportunity to do any last minute repairs on your home.  Or even go over your fall agenda early with this August home maintenance checklist.

Most of the country has experienced hotter than usual temperatures.  And hopefully, since we’re now in the middle of August, the weather will start getting back to normal.  Because August is typically the best time to do these last minute things that have been maybe put off due to either vacations or just plain hot weather.  However if we procrastinate too much, fall and winter will be upon us.  And then these items will catch up with us and cost us more.

August Home Maintenance Checklist


Filtrete 3 month A/C filter

  • Check and replace your A/C filters

Having your HVAC routinely checked and maintained while you replace the HVAC filters improves the air quality in your home.  Also, by keeping up with your HVAC unit, your A/C will run better and last longer.  We have no control over Covid numbers, but we can reduce the chances of possibly getting sick and having allergens in our home.  And that includes germs, bacteria, and even viruses.

  • Treat your wood deck

If you have a wood deck, then pick a time when the weather will be free of rain to re-seal it.  But if you’d rather we do the job for you, then just give us a call.  Otherwise you need to pressure wash your deck first.  And then it needs to dry completely before re-staining it.  Finally, allow it to dry thoroughly prior to sealing it.  Doing this will maintain your wood deck for many years.

pool and deck

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  • Clean your deck and back porch

Not only do you need to spruce up your deck and patio when the season begins.  But at the end of summer, after all of the entertaining and before the first fall leaves hit the ground, is a perfect time to clean.  If you have a concrete or stone deck and patio, you’ll want to get rid of any weeds that might be popping up.  And you can usually just sweep away any dirt with a broom.

Though for more stubborn issues, you could use a garden hose to wash away the spots.  For those more eager, you might need a pressure washer.  But be careful, because you could easily mar your stone deck if you use too much pressure.

  • Update your front door

If you’re bored with the current look of your front porch, then go with an easy makeover.  Repaint your front door with a new color.  And pick out new outdoor lighting.

  • Re-paint either the inside or outside

August is a great time to start painting projects since it tends to be drier.  Also cold weather hasn’t moved in, nor are we in the worst of the summer heat.  So if you wanted to change the color scheme of your home, now is the perfect time.

cardboard box marked summer clothes

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  • Clean and store your summer equipment

Now that we’re in mid-August, we need to clean our summer gear until we’re ready for them next year.  This includes inflatables, yard toys, patio furniture pillows and cushions, etc.  By cleaning our summer equipment prior to storing them away, we’ll be able to use them when we want to next summer without having to clean them then.  So doing it now is a time saver.

Furthermore, if you switch out your summer clothes for winter, August is the time to began working on that.  But you need to clean your summer clothes first before properly storing them.  And then pick out clothes more appropriate for fall.  However, living where we do in Oklahoma, that will still mean shorts and short sleeve shirts occasionally.

August Home Maintenance Checklist


lint-filled dryer vent

  • Clear out your dryer vent

Almost 3000 home dryer fires are confirmed every year, causing death, injuries, and millions of dollars in property damages.  While most of the fires occur in fall and winter, 34% of those home dryer fires are from neglecting to clean the dryer.

But in addition to preventing a fire in your home, getting your dryer cleaned will prolong its life.  And you’ll save energy and money in the long run.

  • Pre-fall deep clean your house

With Covid-19 still around, it’s likely we’re all still diligent about cleaning our homes.  But fall is not that far away, and now is a great time to take care of spots in your home that might get overlooked.  Like knobs, handles, and switches.  And baseboards, ceiling fans and glass globes.  Additionally window blinds, air vents, the range hood, and refrigerator also will benefit from a deep cleaning.

shoe cubby and bookshelf

This is a custom bookshelf and shoe cubby. But there are others out there that include hooks for bags and jackets.

  • Get organized for the school year

Whether you’re an empty-nester, have school-age children, or kids in college, designating an area just for shoes, jackets, and bags is a great idea.  It frees your entryway of clutter.  And depending on how and where you decide to do this project, you can maximize the space with functional room.  Furthermore, sometimes that includes space and room you didn’t even realize you had.

Also, by adding a mudroom to your house, if you don’t already have one, it can add value to your home.  Moreover normally mudrooms are located near the back or side doors.  And they’re typically only used by the family members.  But they don’t have to be very big.  It all depends on your preferences.

To sum up, the end of summer is the perfect occasion to to go over your August home maintenance checklist.  Including a pre-fall deep clean, changing out your dryer vent, replacing your HVAC filter, and cleaning your deck and patio, to name a few things.