Remodeling the bathroom or kitchen is always popular and in demand.  In fact, over half of homeowners surveyed by Bio Bidet are planning on upgrading their homes some time this year.  And while bathrooms are the primary focus for remodels, ~ 70% want a complete overhaul.  So if you want to upgrade this room, we’ll look at some bathroom redesign ideas.

Redesigning Your Space

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Though there are many reasons to prompt a bath remodel, over 30% of homeowners decide to because they’re tired of the old one.  And, according to Houzz bathroom study, the top incentive is old and outdated space.  However storage issues and small showers almost equally encourage another 33% of homeowners to renovate their bathrooms.

Redesign for Special Needs

Over 50% of homeowners are including accommodations for aging or disabled members of their households.  These design trends include wider doorways, walk-in tubs, and more lighting.  Furthermore, almost half of the homeowners surveyed by Houzz expect special needs to develop for their homes within the next 5 years.

Big and Small Changes

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While renovating their bathrooms, almost 60% of homeowners upgraded some type of system.  For example, they either installed a new ventilation fan, radiant heating, or a tankless water heater.  The next biggest modification homeowners made was exchanging their current or old showers for bigger ones.  And 40% of homeowners updated their bathroom walls.  Some even changed the whole layout of the room.

Of those redesigning their bathrooms, about 88% of homeowners decide on a style change, with modern style taking the lead.  Also, because the color white is timeless, it continues to remain a popular choice in materials and finish.  Additionally, if there are small spaces, it can make the room feel bigger and more open.

Rest and Relaxation

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In the same study by Houzz, almost half of all homeowners indicated that their bathrooms were for rest and relaxation.  So they picked upgrades to help with that, such as:  soaking tubs, rainfall shower heads, and greenery.

Smart Designs

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Another change in bathroom design could be attributed to Covid19.  More homeowners are adding smart technology, not just to their homes, but to their bathrooms especially.  And one of the ways is with the toilet.  Because bidets are growing in popularity, about 20% of homeowners decided to add one to their homes.  And another 37% included high tech features to their faucets.


To wrap things up, homeowners are redesigning their bathrooms, because they’re fed up with their old ones.  And they typically stick with classic colors and add more relaxing and smart tech features.  Additionally, they’re preparing for their aging or disabled households.  Also, bathroom remodels generally have a good ROI.  So, if you need help with redesigning your bathroom, give Daystar Handyman a call.