Among the 68% of homeowners who updated an interior room in their homes, kitchens and bathrooms remain the most popular projects that homeowners tackle.  And recently I went over the best season to renovate your bathroom, including what’s trending.  But when is the best time to remodel a kitchen?

Once again, when thinking about embarking on any type of project for your home, you could realistically have it done any time during the year.  So long as you have the means, supplies, and contractors/laborers, you can remodel your kitchen any season.  However, just like with flooring installation and bath remodels, there are more suitable times than others.  Each season will have their own unique pros and cons.  And that’s due to weather, sales, and contractor availability.  Ultimately the decision is yours.

Pros to a Winter Kitchen Remodel

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Not many people typically renovate their kitchens during the winter.  However that’s one of the draws to a winter remodel:  it’s a slow season for contractors.  Other points to consider are

  • end of season sales on older products

Because there will be sales, there’s potential savings to be had.

  • less competition for a contractor

Again, this is the slow time for contractors, so you’ll have more to choose from.

Cons to a Winter Kitchen Remodel

One of the main reasons why winter wouldn’t be the right time to remodel the kitchen is the weather:  it’s cold, wet, and there might be snow and ice.  All of those conditions mean you’re running your heater.  And if your floor is being replaced and the walls are being painted, then you need ventilation in the house to let out the fumes.  Which means your bill will be expensive.  But more cons are

  • not enough natural light or daylight hours

Being able to see the patterns and colors through natural light shows us what they really look like.

  • your house could be torn up during the holidays

If you start a kitchen remodel, things happen, and your project might not be finished in time.

Pros to a Spring Kitchen Remodel

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When we get to spring, we start getting more daylight hours.  So there’s more hours to complete the work.  And there’s natural light to see the product.  Additionally

  • potential savings due to sales
  • new designs
  • and tax returns

Cons to a Spring Kitchen Remodel

Similar to a bathroom remodel, renovating a kitchen in Oklahoma in the spring is a dicey proposition, given the weather.  It’s windy and the threat of tornadoes is almost constant.  But another con is

  • lumber prices rise

Pros to a Summer Kitchen Remodel

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We have the most daylight hours once we hit summer.  Thus when looking at samples or products, we’ll know exactly what they’ll look like.  But that’s not all.  Also, we

  • generally have more free time during summer; so, if needed, we can make changes.
  • can plan a remodel around a vacation and come back to a new kitchen.

Cons to a Summer Kitchen Remodel

Just as our springs can be wild with the wind and rain, and winters can get below freezing, our Oklahoma summers can get really hot.  So if you plan a summer remodel, you’ll be running your A/C.  And if you’re painting or installing floors, you’ll need ventilation, so again, your bill will go up.

Pros to a Fall Kitchen Remodel

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Fall is the best time to remodel a kitchen in Oklahoma, because the weather is nicer than in summer.  And we don’t typically see as many rainy days as we do in the spring.  So the temperate weather means that we can easily leave windows and doors open if ventilation is required.  Furthermore, another pro to a fall remodel is

If you start your kitchen renovation early enough, you should have it ready before the holidays.  And because fall isn’t the busiest season to remodel, you’ll still have plenty of contractors to choose from.

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