Tracking down the perfect gift, for people who have everything, can be dauntless.  Especially if they frequently buy for themselves.  Or can design or build things.  But there are always items you can purchase that never seem to get old.  Like T-shirts or gift cards.  However, you know you want to be thrilled when you give them their gift, that you thought diligently about.  So here’s some inspiration for the best presents for Christmas 2021.

I haven’t included everyone on the Christmas list with this guide.  Because this is a handyman site, that’s what is featured.  Although we also post DIY blogs at times. With that being said, the following list covers the handyman on your list.  Or the DIYer who likes to tinker in the garage, building and creating.  And that could be your dad, husband, son or daughter.

Best Presents for Christmas 2021 for the DIYer

2 Dewalt cordless drills with contractor's bag

This is ideal for DIYers who frequently use power tools in small spaces.  But additionally, for DIYers who use power tools for long periods of time overhead.  Also, this will be the two most used tools in your DIYer’s tool box.  There are socket attachments to use on autos and everything else.

Dewalt oscillating tool with contractor's bag and battery

The Dewalt oscillating tool can handle a lot of tasks, like grinding, cutting, scraping, and sanding.  And all in tight spaces.  It’s popular with professional carpenters, contractors, flooring and cabinet installers, and DIYers.  And it’s very effective.

This works with multiple sizes, so your DIYer doesn’t need individual sockets.

Husky brand tool set

Over time tools tend to disappear, like socks in the wash.  So this makes it nice to have a complete set in both Metric and Standard.  And Husky has a very gracious warranty, requiring no receipt and asking no questions.

Bug-a-salt fly gun on white background

This actually has nothing to do with DIY.  Though if you have a handyman or a hunter in your life, this will make his day.  Give it to him on Christmas and wait till the flies come back in Spring.  He’ll be like a kid again, chasing and ambushing them till they’re gone.  It’s guaranteed fun and accuracy.

loupes with different lenses and a case

Loupes like these, or similar, are nice to have for those small details, like electronics.  Or if your DIYer’s eyesight just isn’t what it used to be.

Bushnell binoculars with box

These are suitable for hunters and bird watchers.  Additionally, they are well built and affordable.

The Husky portable work light can be used indoors or outdoors.  And the integrated LED bulb never needs replacing.  A powerful light on one’s work makes the job a lot easier.

This scanner promptly and conveniently locates studs and joists behind walls, floors, and ceilings.  Also, it locates metal and live AC electrical wiring.

The Klein Tools Tradesman magnetic wristband contains earth magnets formidable enough to hold your screws, wire nuts, bits, nails, and other small pieces, literally at hand.  So you won’t lose them.  However, some people claim they can even save marriages and songbirds.

The Dewalt 20V MAX XR battery operated sander is ideal for working on small jobs.  However, for bigger jobs, a corded sander would be better.

folding multi-tool

This tool acts like a folding knife but operates like a multi-tool.  And it features needle nose pliers, pinch cut wire cutters, wire crimper, plain edge knife, serrated knife, cross point screwdriver, small flat blade screwdriver, medium flat blade screwdriver, large flat blade screwdriver, screwdriver, lanyard ring, can opener, bottle opener, file, and ruler.  The customer service is amazing.  And the tool is just build really well.

Now the next list will be for the person in charge of the home.  Not the handyman or the provider, per se, but the one who cooks, cleans, and decorates the home.  And again this individual can be difficult to shop for, because they seemingly have everything.  Likely they also buy what they need or want.

Best Presents for Christmas 2021 for the Home

  • Amazon Gift Card

You can’t go wrong with an Amazon gift card, unless the person on your list personally doesn’t like Amazon.  But if they do, there’s millions of items to choose from, no fees, and the gift card never expires.

custom cheeseboard with resin art on the handle

A custom made cheeseboard is a unique addition for any home.  And sure to be a conversation piece that anyone would love to receive.  It’s functional art at its best.

custom white and gold glitter resin coasters

This is more functional art, and it’s also custom made.  You can order these in almost any design, certainly the choices are nearly endless.

Air purifiers protect against viral transmissions so you can breathe cleaner, healthier air year round.  Which leads to fewer reactions during allergy season and improving sleep.  Additionally, this air purifier features a HEPA filter and SMART tech.

kitchen with plant on counter

A smart faucet is an upgrade on the traditional faucet, because it’s handsfree so you don’t spread germs.

nightlight exhaust fan on ceiling

This is the nightlight on the exhaust fan.

Bathrooms need exhaust fans to reduce humidity, and to clear mirrors of fog.  And over time they can accumulate dust and simply wear out.  So why not replace one with a Bluetooth LED fan instead of just another of the same?  The person who has everything is sure to enjoy it.

organized closet

There are several closet systems to choose from with varying degrees of cost.  But the main thing common to all of them is that they organize closets.  And an organized system streamlines the setup, carving out a place for every item.  Tiny closets or walk-ins, there’s something for every one of them.

bathroom featuring rainfall showered with bathtub

The luxurious and relaxing Kohler Forte rain shower head has 3 settings:  full coverage, pulsating massage, and silk spray.  And it conserves water while also being quite affordable.

A Ring Video Doorbell is another of those gifts for the person who has everything.  Yet this is added security, because the recipient doesn’t have to open the door when speaking to someone at the door.  Unless they know who’s there.  Furthermore, home insurance rates can be discounted because of this high tech smart feature.

white noise machine

This white noise machine has been around since the 60s.  And I personally can attest that it definitely blocks out other sounds, leading to an easier time falling asleep.  Which also provides healthier, better quality sleep as well.

A laser cut wood map, that comes from The Grommet, is another unique idea.  The colors are well defined, making it another piece of art.  And you can pick the region/country you want the map to come from.

Mandala is Sanskrit for ‘circle’.  However, this geometric design is more than just art; it has symbolic and meditative meaning.  The wind spinner also comes from The Grommet.  And it’s durable and reflects the sunlight.  Moreover, it’s a great addition for the front or back porch.

This concludes my best presents for Christmas 2021.  Now, if you were hoping to get some ideas for the rest of the people on your list, you can try here.  And thanks for stopping by.