Today I’m going to feature a favorite tool we use at Daystar Handyman:  the oscillating tool.  There are a lot of oscillating multi-tools out there.  But the one that we are most familiar with is made by Dewalt.  And I mentioned it in a post in December regarding Christmas gifts.  Although, is it really that good?

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Well, let’s go over some facts.  Most good oscillating mult-tools do basically the same things.  They perform many functions in less time than if you had to use individual tools for each job.  Thus, in a way, it might even save you money.

More Facts about the Oscillating Tool

With the oscillating tool we have, there are attachments to cut through wood, masonry, and metal.  In addition, there’s an attachment for grout removal and scraping, like for removing flooring.  Furthermore, there are even attachments for sandpaper and sanding pads.

Moreover this tool can get into tight spaces where traditional saws wouldn’t be able to.  For example, when cutting tile in doorways, or cutting pipes behind walls, between the studs, this tool is more manageable.

Also, you can find cordless oscillating tools.  But if you don’t want the expense of batteries, there are corded options.  However, if your job depends on the oscillating tool, and you go into places that don’t have outlets, then a cordless oscillating tool would be better.  It all depends on your preferences and what your projects are like.

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Popular Mechanics wrote an article on the 8 best oscillating tools in April last year.  So, if you don’t yet have an oscillating multi-tool and are interested, then definitely read it before purchasing one.

In conclusion, the oscillating multi-tool is a must-have for DIY and pros, making quick work of any job.  And it’s easy to use and versatile.  With the right blade, it’ll cut through anything.