Today I’m going to present another favorite tool we use daily at Daystar Handyman.  It’s the Gerber multi tool.  Although it could also be called the Gerber multi plier tool.  And if you follow me, you might remember that I mentioned it in an earlier post.

Gerber Legendary Blades started out in Portland, Oregon in 1939.  The story goes that Joseph Gerber had an advertising business, and around Christmas had 24 sets of knives made for some clients.  While his knives were a big success, someone from Abercrombie & Fitch contacted him from New York, with requests for more to add to their catalog.  Thus, Gerber Legendary Blades was born.

closed Gerber multi tool

At the time all of their products were made in Oregon.  But then, in 1987, Fiskars acquired Gerber Legendary Blades.  Some products continue to be made in Oregon, like the multi pliers, while others are made abroad.  Additionally, Gerber comes out with a new multi plier each year:  they have the MP600, MP400, and various multi tools.  Furthermore, these can range in size, anywhere from 3.5 inches to ~ 6.5 inches.  And they can weigh from 2.2 to 11 ounces.  Also, you can choose from needlenose, bluntnose, and carbide cutters, besides stainless steel and black.

Gerber Multi Tool

So, why do we like it?  Well, it’s

  • Very accessible

Gerber nylon sheath

First of all, due to the size of the multi-tool and the black ballistic nylon sheath it comes in, it’s very convenient.  And it securely fits onto any belt, making it handy and within-reach to carry anywhere.  And it has

  • Very strong velcro

Because the sheath closes with velcro, rather than a button, there’s not a struggle to get it open to retrieve the tool.  Additionally you can

  • Use it one-handed

The number 1 tool to use is probably the pliers, which snap out one-handed.  And this is probably the most popular feature of the Gerber multi plier tool.  Further, you won’t be

  • aware of how often this tool is actually used

And because of that, if you try to start a project without the Gerber multi tool, you will feel lost without it.

Gerber multi tool, pliers only

Gerber claims to be the #1 selling multi tool platform to the military.  Additionally, the multi plier tool is made out of quality stainless steel.  Furthermore, it comes with a limited lifetime warranty.  We’ve had our Gerber MP400 for about 15 years.  In addition, the pliers broke a few years ago, and we reached out to the company.  And true to their lifetime warranty, they completely replaced the whole multi tool for free, in about a 2 week turnaround.

Also, the cost can range from $39 – $119, depending on the model, size, number of tools, and whether you order a sheath, or pouch, to carry it in.  However, on Gerber’s website, they have several models that appear to be out of stock currently.  Therefore, if you want one, you might have to look on Amazon or Ebay.

open Gerber multi tool

In Summary

The Gerber multi tool is a convenient, easy to use tool, featuring one-handed pliers.  Also, there’s many options to choose from.  And the company has a generous lifetime warranty.